Robooter X40 Helps Transforms Ruijin Hospital

Jul 2, 2024


Ruijin Hospital, a leading tertiary care center, champions the pursuit of a "high-quality and healthy life" alongside smart hospital initiatives. Its collaboration with Robooter underscores its dedication to addressing the multifaceted needs of its patients through technological advancements.

Robooter, renowned for pioneering intelligent mobility solutions, has created the 'BBR-Easy Access Autonomous Driving Solution.' For Ruijin Hospital, Robooter has tailored an "intelligent wheelchair reservation and dispatch platform" specifically designed to meet the hospital's unique requirements. This platform enables patients to remotely book intelligent wheelchairs, ensuring smooth and safe transportation between wards and examination rooms. This system not only caters to the personalized convenience of patients but also elevates the quality of service and overall patient experience.

The comprehensive "cloud+ integrated" solution encompasses a dispatch system that manages smart wheelchair resources and maps out inspection routes. It also incorporates audio and video interaction features, allowing for remote communication between medical staff and patients, thus adding a layer of humanistic care. Moreover, the platform is integrated with the hospital's elevator and access systems to facilitate seamless automatic entry and exit.

Zhu Lifeng, Director of the Digital Innovation Center at Ruijin Hospital, stressed the importance of merging technological innovation with compassionate care. He remarked, "The 'Smart Wheelchair Appointment and Dispatch Platform' is a testament to our commitment to enhancing patient mobility with both advanced technology and empathy."

Chen Yangbin, CTO of Robooter, detailed the platform's sophisticated features such as online booking, autonomous resource management, automatic navigation, and bidirectional audio-video interaction. "Our aim is to enrich the mobility experience for hospital patients. We foresee the 'BBR-Easy Access autonomous driving wheelchair solution' expanding its reach to other high-traffic venues like airports, theme parks, and science museums," he explained.

This collaboration between Robooter and Ruijin Hospital demonstrates a significant leap forward in smart healthcare solutions, setting a new standard for intelligent assisted travel and patient care.

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